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Moving couldn't be easier

Let us do all of the work for you

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Professional and Affordable

Profesionally packaged and safely moved

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Make your next move your best move!

Fast Local Moves

Regardless of how big or how small the job, we give each move our full attention. Because we are a local small business, we could work to schedule moves quickly to eliminate any waiting time!

Professional Packaging

Not only do we bring professional packaging material, but we actually use them for all of your personal belongings! We understand how precious your items are and would never want to risk any damage coming to them.

Commercial Moving

We understand how stressful commercial moving can be, which is why we take care of it all and allow you to focus on your business! We're experienced in moving fragile, heavy equipment and accurately transporting individual belongings!

Heavy Items? No problem

We are experienced in moving even the most immovable objects and come prepared. Whether pianos, pool tables, or fine art, we will ensure it gets moved to your destination safely.

Long Distance Moves

Regardless of where you are moving to, it is not a problem for Jeff Star Movers! Our drivers are experienced and our transportation is reliable and can easily withstand the long rides without any issues.

Licensed & Insured

Just because we are a small business, we do not fall short of being licensed movers and fully insured! Although we are confident that no issues will arise, we like to give your customers the extra piece of mind.

Meeting all of your relocation needs

At Jeff Star Movers, we aim to give you the highest level possible when it comes to a moving service. It is our mission to make your next move your best move, and we strive to do just that! Regardless of how big or how small the job, it will be done happily and thoroughly.

What we believe and strive for

  • Customer service is a top priority
  • Every one of our moves is a first class moving service
  • Anything that matters to you also matters to us
  • Communication is crucial

At Jeff Star Movers

  • We remove the stress from moving and add fun instead
  • We love to give back and help our local community
  • We aim to minimize environmental waste
  • We treat your personal belongings as precious and irreplaceable

Safe & Secure

We ensure that your furniture and belongings stay secured and properly protected.
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Professional Equipment

We always come prepared with the proper equipment to move even the heaviest of items!
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Certified Movers

With Jeff Star Movers, you will always get certified and professional movers that you can trust in your home and with your personal items.
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Locally Owned & Operated

Jeff Star Movers is located right in your neighborhood in Southfield! Save money by picking Jeff Star for your next move and avoid all of the inflated moving costs from corporations.
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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jeff Star Movers goes above and beyond to give you the best moving experience possible. We ensure customer satisfaction and work to make you happy.
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Antiques & Fragile Items

Have an antique, fine art, or fragile items that you are concerned about moving? Don't sweat it! Jeff Star Movers is highly experienced in carefully moving and protectively packaging items to ensure they get to their destination the same exact way they left.
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Covered & Protected

We can securely seal, cover, and protect all of your items while we move them. Keep them protected at all times from bugs, dust, mites, and any other contaminations from the outside world!
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Movers are organized

Organized & Effortless

No moving boxes? Limited space? Not enough time to pack? No problem! Jeffstar Movers will come prepared with boxes to pack up and move all of your items while keeping them organized!
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Rain, Sleet, or Snow

Whether rain, sleet, or snow, Jeffstar Movers will never let you down. We always make your next move your best move and would never want you to undergo a delay due to weather circumstances.
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